Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

TRACK 1‐ CONTROL & AUTOMATION: Adaptive Control, Automation, Bond graph, Control Applications, Control Design Methods, Control Theory, Diagnosis, Discrete Event Systems, Embedded Systems, Energy Control and Power Systems, Fault Detection, Fault-tolerant Control, Hybrid Systems, Intelligent Control, Linear Systems, Man-machine Interactions, Manufacturing System Control, Monitoring and Supervision, Non-linear Systems, Petri Nets, Predictive control, Process control, Sensors, Instrumentation and Actuators, Signal Processing, System Identification, Robotics,...

TRACK 2‐ DECISION & OPTIMIZATION: Applied Optimization, Combinatorial Optimization, Computer Assisted Optimization, Data envelopment analysis, Graphs and Networks, Operational Research, Reliability, Scheduling, Supply Chain management, Transport Optimization, Forecasting, Game Theory, Intelligent Systems, Maintenance, Modeling & Simulation, Multi-Objective Optimization, Nonlinear Optimization, Production Engineering, Stochastic Optimization.

TRACK 3‐ INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES & COMPUTER SCIENCE: Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence, Data Mining, Hardware Engineering, Design for Eectronic circuits and systems, Image Processing,  Information Theory, Information Systems, Internet & Cloud Computing, Learning Systems, Man‐Machine Interactions, Mobile & Wireless Communications, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Smart Grids, Software Engineering, Sensors and instrumentation, Theoretical Computer Science, Telecommunication applications.

The main fields of applications are:

Manufacturing systems, Industrial processes, Biomedical applications, Transportation systems, Renewable energy systems, Distributed systems, Supply chain management, Telecommunication, Information Technology, Software engineering, Service systems, Technology in Education, Applications in Health Care, …

Also Theatrical studies will be considered